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Dr. A. Velumani, Promoter, Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

He is a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Madras and has an MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Bombay and a PhD in Thyroid Physiology from the University of Bombay. He has over 35 years of experience in diagnostics Research and Business. After 15 years of experience in Thyroid Biochemisry Research at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – BARC Mumbai, He started Thyrocare in 1995. Using a unique business model in a focused Biochemistry back end laboratory, he has built an organization which got listed in National Stock Exchange in May 2017, with a stellar oversubscription of 74 times. He is also MD of Nueclear Healthcare Limited, which is a Radiology vertical, that focuses on Cyclotrons and PETCT for diagnosing and monitoring in Oncology.