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v2, ch0, uz, 46, lh, m0, j, 0ta, f9, q8, 4, c, Collection Centers | Thyrocare
Welcome to Thyro Care
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Collection Centers

Center Address

Thyrocare Collection Center –
Salmaniya, Flat no. 4,

Gulf Medical Complex, Bld. 59, Block 329, Road 2901 ,

Manama Kingdom of Bahrain

Phone: +973-33627273, +973-13106870

E-mail: cc01.gulf@thyrocare.com

Timings- 7am-12 pm


Thyrocare Collection Center-

Isa Town, Shop 3183,

Muscat Avenue, Isa Town 0812, Southern Governate, Bahrain

Phone– +973-65001710, +973-33627397

Email– cc02.gulf@thyrocare.com

Timings- 7am-12 pm